The Method

On this journey to your Balanced Lifestyle, it is so important to understand the method. Lasting change takes time and I’m here to make sure that we move smoothy through the process and get you the results you signed up for!


Step 1

Identifying your past, your why, who you are and who you want to be. Understanding your greatest joys, your biggest stressors, and what brought you here is of the utmost importance for your programming and goal setting leading to ultimate success.


Step 2

Current status report and analysis. Without modifying anything you currently are doing, I will ask for two full days of eating, drinking, exercise, sleep and stress. We’ll dive into this more together.


step 3

The plan. Based on what I now know about you from our collaboration, your plan is developed and presented to you for initial modifications. Day one of your plan will begin here!


step 4

Regular check-ins. Weekly, we will have a set time to touch base and modify your plans as needed and set goals for the week. Additional check-ins can happen on an ad hoc basis (24/7 support for YOU) but this set time to meet will be consistent.


step 5

Maintenance and moving forward. The ultimate goal for all clients is for them to flourish and move on in their lives feeling confident, safe and as their best selves. Of course, we can work together as long as you would like but, it is important to learn the skills and apply in real life scenarios.